dmv collapse

i hurt for kevin durant. i can sympathize with the entire oklahoma city thunder team, but i hurt especially for kd. on the same day the maryland lacrosse team lost the national championship in heartbreaking fashion to north carolina, the dmv’s biggest sports star became the biggest player on the losing side of arguably the nba’s worst postseason collapse, ever. a lot is made about cleveland’s suffering sports fanbase, but it isn’t much better in dc.

from what i could tell of the post game press conference, kd handled the loss well. he put a good public face on. but i can’t imagine he’s taking it well in private. for three games, the thunder were a win away from another nba finals appearance, the second appearance for that core group, and they choked it away. kd put up admirable numbers in game 7, but this series failure falls on him as much as it falls on anyone. he came up small in game 6, when okc should’ve finished golden state off.

now, kd is set to become a free agent, where a loss of that magnitude could  force anyone to make an irrational decision – like sign with your hometown’s washington wizards. hopefully kd makes the right move, however, and resigns with okc, at least for one more year. he and russell westbrook have unfinished business, not to mention an inflated cap next season means he can make more money by signing a long term deal next year. i root for most things dmv, especially pg county, which kevin durant represents through and through. but i don’t need him to be in the dmv to appreciate his greatness. there are people disappointed in what durant has yet to accomplish so far, and this collapse is just another thing for them to point to. and when he doesn’t come home, even more people will turn on him. i, instead, choose to appreciate the greatness of a dmv legend and continue to root for him until he gets the ring he deserves. 


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