The Crown is back

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Crown on the Rock is back and ready to be better than ever. The website has been re-designed, updated to avoid copyright infringement and other legal trouble that might stem from logos and photo use, and most importantly, the content will come more often than it ever did.

To be fair, I only had a short run of about a month, from March to April 2014, when I initially launched the blog. What happened after that was a dreamy blur. I landed my first newspaper job covering sports in Maryland, and apparently this blog helped me land that job. Today, two years later, I’m still a sports writer, but with a different newspaper. Now, I think is a good time to get back to the Crown.

While my work schedule prevents me from catching every single Wizards game, I’m still very much engaged in what the team is doing as I know you are. Hopefully, this re-launch is coming just in time to make a playoff run.

Wizards fans, let’s unite and make our basketball team King of the city again.

-Prince J.


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